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a miniature puppet fitting over and manipulated by one finger.


Read Also:

  • Finger-reading

    noun 1. the reading of Braille by means of the fingertips.

  • Fingers

    [fing-ger] /ˈfɪŋ gər/ noun 1. any of the terminal members of the hand, especially one other than the thumb. 2. a part of a glove made to receive a finger. 3. the breadth of a finger as a unit of measurement; digit. 4. the length of a finger: approximately 4½ inches (11 cm). 5. Slang. […]

  • Fingers in the till

    noun phrase Stealing money from one’s place of work or money for which one is responsible: caught with his fingers in the till (1974+)

  • Fingerspell

    [fing-ger-spel] /ˈfɪŋ gərˌspɛl/ verb (used with or without object) 1. to communicate by fingerspelling.

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