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noun, Mathematics.
noun, Mathematics.
a decimal numeral in which, after a finite number of decimal places, all succeeding place values are 0, as ⅛ = 0.125 (contrasted with ).


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  • Finite-difference

    noun, Mathematics. 1. (def 9c).

  • Finite differencing

    strength reduction

  • Finite-dimensional

    [fahy-nahyt-di-men-shuh-nl, -dahy-] /ˈfaɪ naɪt dɪˈmɛn ʃə nl, -daɪ-/ adjective, Mathematics. 1. (of a vector space) having a basis consisting of a finite number of elements.

  • Finite impulse response

    electronics, DSP (FIR) A type of digital signal filter, in which every sample of output is the weighted sum of past and current samples of input, using only some finite number of past samples. (2001-06-06)

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