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a combining form representing Finnish, or Finnic, in compound words:


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  • Finnock

    /ˈfɪnək/ noun 1. a young sea trout on its first return to fresh water

  • Finno-Russo War

    [fin-oh-ruhs-oh] /ˈfɪn oʊˈrʌs oʊ/ noun 1. the war (1939–40) between Finland and the Soviet Union.

  • Finno-Ugrian

    [fin-oh-oo-gree-uh n, -yoo-] /ˌfɪn oʊˈu gri ən, -ˈyu-/ adjective 1. pertaining to the Finns and the Ugrians. 2. . noun 3. .

  • Finno-Ugric

    [fin-oh-oo-grik, -yoo-] /ˌfɪn oʊˈu grɪk, -ˈyu-/ noun 1. the major branch of the Uralic family of languages, subdivided into Finnic, which includes Finnish and Estonian, and Ugric, which includes Hungarian. adjective 2. of or relating to these languages. /ˈfɪnəʊˈuːɡrɪk; -ˈjuː-/ noun 1. a family of languages spoken in Scandinavia, Hungary, and NE Europe, including Finnish, […]

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