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free in and out stowage


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  • Fippenny-bit

    [fip-uh-nee, fip-nee] /ˈfɪp ə ni, ˈfɪp ni/ noun 1. the Spanish half real, the value of which was about six cents.

  • Fipple

    [fip-uh l] /ˈfɪp əl/ noun, Music. 1. a plug stopping the upper end of a pipe, as a recorder or a whistle, and having a narrow slit through which the player blows. /ˈfɪpəl/ noun 1. a wooden plug forming a flue in the end of a pipe, as the mouthpiece of a recorder 2. a […]

  • Fipple-flute

    noun, Music. 1. a recorder or other flutelike instrument equipped with a fipple. noun 1. an end-blown flute provided with a fipple, such as the recorder or flageolet

  • Fips

    Federal Information Processing Standards

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