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a signal that warns that a fire has started.
a bell, buzzer, siren, horn, etc., that provides such a signal.
a device to give warning of fire, esp a bell, siren, or hooter
a shout to warn that a fire has broken out


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  • Fire-and-brimstone

    [fahyuh r-uh n-brim-stohn] /ˈfaɪər ənˈbrɪmˌstoʊn/ adjective 1. threatening punishment in the hereafter: a fire-and-brimstone sermon. adjective 1. (of a sermon, preacher, etc) zealous, esp in threatening eternal damnation

  • Fire-ant

    noun 1. any of several omnivorous ants, as the migrant Solenopsis geminata originating in tropical and subtropical South America, having a sting that produces a burning sensation. noun 1. any mound-building predatory ant of the genus Solenopsis, of tropical and subtropical America, that can inflict a painful sting

  • Fire-apparatus

    noun 1. equipment for extinguishing destructive fires.

  • Fire appliance

    noun 1. another name for fire engine

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