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[fahyuh r-muh n] /ˈfaɪər mən/

noun, plural firemen.
a person employed to extinguish or prevent fires; firefighter.
a person employed to tend fires; stoker.

U.S. Navy. an enlisted person assigned to the care and operation of a ship’s machinery.
British Mining. .
Baseball. .
noun (pl) -men
a man who fights fires, usually a public employee or trained volunteer Gender-neutral form firefighter

a man who tends furnaces; stoker
Also called deputy. a mine official responsible for safety precautions US equivalent fire boss
(US, navy) a junior rating who works on marine engineering equipment
(informal) any employee who is dispatched to deal with trouble at short notice

late 14c., “tender of a fire,” from fire (n.) + man (n.). As “person hired to put out (rather than tend) fires” it is attested from 1714.


A relief pitcher, esp an effective one: a four-run blast against fireman Joe in the eighth inning (1940s+ Baseball)

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