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(def 5).


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  • Firing-squad

    noun 1. a military detachment assigned to execute a condemned person by shooting. 2. a military detachment assigned to fire a salute at the burial of a person being honored. noun 1. a small military detachment formed to implement a death sentence by shooting

  • Firkin

    [fur-kin] /ˈfɜr kɪn/ noun 1. a British unit of capacity usually equal to a quarter of a barrel. 2. a small wooden vessel or tub for butter, lard, etc. /ˈfɜːkɪn/ noun 1. a small wooden barrel or similar container 2. (Brit) a unit of capacity equal to nine gallons n. “small cask, fourth part of […]

  • Firm

    [furm] /fɜrm/ adjective, firmer, firmest. 1. not soft or yielding when pressed; comparatively solid, hard, stiff, or rigid: firm ground; firm texture. 2. securely fixed in place. 3. not shaking or trembling; steady: a firm voice. 4. not likely to change; fixed; settled; unalterable: a firm belief. 5. steadfast or unwavering, as persons or principles: […]

  • Firmament

    [fur-muh-muh nt] /ˈfɜr mə mənt/ noun 1. the vault of heaven; sky. /ˈfɜːməmənt/ noun 1. the expanse of the sky; heavens n. mid-13c., from Latin firmamentum “firmament,” literally “a support or strengthening,” from firmus “firm” (see firm (adj.)), used in Vulgate to translate Greek stereoma “firm or solid structure,” which translated Hebrew raqia, a word […]

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