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First cuneiform bone

first cuneiform bone n.
See medial cuneiform bone.


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    noun, Southern U.S. 1. .

  • First-day

    noun 1. (among Quakers) Sunday.

  • First-day cover

    [furst-dey, -dey] /ˈfɜrstˌdeɪ, -ˈdeɪ/ noun, Philately. 1. a cover marked so as to indicate that it was mailed on the first day of issue of the stamp it bears and from one of the cities at which the stamp was issued on that day.

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    [furst-di-gree] /ˈfɜrst dɪˈgri/ adjective 1. of or relating to the lowest or first in a series. 2. of or relating to the highest or most serious in a series.

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