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Edwin, 1886–1960, Swiss pianist.
[ey-mil] /ˈeɪ mɪl/ (Show IPA), 1852–1919, German chemist: Nobel Prize 1902.
Ernst Otto, 1918–2007, German chemist: Nobel Prize 1973.
[hahns] /hɑns/ (Show IPA), 1881–1945, German chemist: Nobel Prize 1930.
Robert James (“Bobby”) 1943–2008, U.S. chess player.
Contemporary Examples

Fischer won a Grammy in 1992 for her single “How Can I Ease the Pain.”
‘20 Feet From Stardom’: Judith Hill, Darlene Love, and Lisa Fischer Star in the Oscar-Shortlisted Documentary Kevin Fallon January 9, 2014

Fischer was hardly the only one warning about the dangers of banning sexual identity-based workplace discrimination this week.
Fringe Factor: You’ll Be Forced to Be Gay, Too Caitlin Dickson November 9, 2013

Fischer: I think a lot of times when I meet background singers I get the feeling that they are singers.
‘20 Feet From Stardom’: Judith Hill, Darlene Love, and Lisa Fischer Star in the Oscar-Shortlisted Documentary Kevin Fallon January 9, 2014

A more succinct way to put it: Kerrey’s campaign is smearing the character of Fischer.
Let’s Put the Nebraska Senate Race in Proper Context Justin Green October 29, 2012

The intertwining of Perkins, Jeffress, Fischer, and Perry suggests that the focus on Mormonism was hardly a coincidence.
Rick Perry’s Illegal Raid On A Mormon Sect Wayne Barrett October 11, 2011

Historical Examples

Mr. Fischer dined with us, Mr. Fredennick came after dinner, and they went with us to the Library & walked upon the ramparts.
Private letters of Edward Gibbon (1753-1794) Volume 2 (of 2) Edward Gibbon

Mr. Fischer is a man who fought against the war up to the last.
The Peace Negotiations J. D. Kestell

“You shall take her with you,” said Fischer, and he went resolutely across the room and took Chrie by the arm.
The Outrage Annie Vivanti

Fischer, Basil Jones and my son have been killed in the War.
War Letters of a Public-School Boy Paul Jones.

It was Fischer, tall and stately and handsome as usual, with his magnificent uniform and sash and chevrons.
On Guard Upton Sinclair

Emil Hermann (ˈeːmiːl ˈhɛrman). 1852–1919, German chemist, noted particularly for his work on synthetic sugars and the purine group: Nobel prize for chemistry 1902
Ernst Otto. 1918–94, German chemist: shared the Nobel prize for chemistry in 1973 with Geoffrey Wilkinson for his work on inorganic complexes
Hans (hans). 1881–1945, German chemist, noted particularly for his work on chlorophyll, haemin, and the porphyrins: Nobel prize for chemistry 1930
Robert James, known as Bobby. 1943–2008, US chess player; world champion 1972–75

Fischer Fi·scher (fĭsh’ər), Hans. 1881-1945.

German chemist known for his research on the components of blood. He won a 1930 Nobel Prize for his work on the synthesis of hemin.


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