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[fis-choo-luh] /ˈfɪs tʃʊ lə/

noun, plural fistulas, fistulae
[fis-choo-lee] /ˈfɪs tʃʊˌli/ (Show IPA)
Pathology. a narrow passage or duct formed by disease or injury, as one leading from an abscess to a free surface, or from one cavity to another.
Surgery. an opening made into a hollow organ, as the bladder or eyeball, for drainage.
Veterinary Pathology. any of various suppurative inflammations, as in the withers of a horse (fistulous withers) characterized by the formation of passages or sinuses through the tissues and to the surface of the skin.
Obsolete. a pipe, as a flute.
noun (pl) -las, -lae (-ˌliː)
(pathol) an abnormal opening between one hollow organ and another or between a hollow organ and the surface of the skin, caused by ulceration, congenital malformation, etc
(obsolete) any musical wind instrument; a pipe

“long, narrow ulcer,” late 14c., from Latin fistula “pipe; ulcer,” of uncertain origin.

fistula fis·tu·la (fĭs’chə-lə)
n. pl. fis·tu·las or fis·tu·lae (-lē’)
An abnormal passage from a hollow organ to the body surface, or from one organ to another.


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