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Five-Elements School

[fahyv-el-uh-muh nts] /ˈfaɪvˈɛl ə mənts/



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  • Five-faced bishop

    noun 1. (Brit) another name for moschatel

  • Five-finger

    [fahyv-fing-ger] /ˈfaɪvˌfɪŋ gər/ noun 1. any of certain species of potentilla having leaves of five leaflets, as Potentilla canadensis. 2. . noun 1. any of various plants having five-petalled flowers or five lobed leaves, such as cinquefoil and Virginia creeper

  • Five-finger discount

    noun shoplifting; stealing noun phrase Shoplifting (1960s+ Teenagers)

  • Fivefold

    [fahyv-fohld] /ˈfaɪvˌfoʊld/ adjective 1. five times as great or as much. 2. comprising five parts or members. adverb 3. in fivefold measure. /ˈfaɪvˌfəʊld/ adjective 1. equal to or having five times as many or as much 2. composed of five parts adverb 3. by or up to five times as many or as much adv. […]

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