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[fik-suh-tiv] /ˈfɪk sə tɪv/

serving to ; making or permanent.
noun, Also, fixatif
[fik-suh-tiv, -teef] /ˈfɪk sə tɪv, -ˌtif/ (Show IPA)
a fixative substance, as a gummy liquid sprayed on a drawing to prevent blurring, or a solution for killing, hardening, and preserving material for microscopic study.
Also called fixer. Photography. a chemical substance, as sodium thiosulfate, used to promote .
a substance that retards evaporation, as in the manufacture of perfume.
serving or tending to fix
a fluid usually consisting of a transparent resin, such as shellac, dissolved in alcohol and sprayed over drawings to prevent smudging
(cytology) a fluid, such as formaldehyde or ethanol, that fixes tissues and cells for microscopic study
a substance added to a liquid, such as a perfume, to make it less volatile

1640s, from fix (v.) + -ative, suffix meaning “of or related to; tending to.” As a noun, from 1870.

fixative fix·a·tive (fĭk’sə-tĭv)
Serving to fix, bind, or make firm or stable. n.
A substance used for the preservation of tissue or cell specimens.


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