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a cost unvarying with a change in the volume of business (distinguished from ).


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  • Fixed-charge

    noun 1. an expense that cannot be modified. 2. a periodic obligation, as taxes, interest on bonds, etc. 3. fixed charges, such charges as depreciation, rent, interest, etc., arising out of the maintenance of fixed assets. noun 1. an invariable expense usually at regular intervals, such as rent 2. a legal charge on specific assets […]

  • Flagelliform

    [fluh-jel-uh-fawrm] /fləˈdʒɛl əˌfɔrm/ adjective, Biology. 1. long, slender, and flexible, like the lash of a whip. /fləˈdʒɛlɪˌfɔːm/ adjective 1. slender, tapering, and whiplike, as the antennae of certain insects

  • Flagellin

    /fləˈdʒɛlɪn/ noun 1. the structural protein of bacterial flagella

  • Flagellum

    [fluh-jel-uh m] /fləˈdʒɛl əm/ noun, plural flagella [fluh-jel-uh] /fləˈdʒɛl ə/ (Show IPA), flagellums. 1. Biology. a long, lashlike appendage serving as an organ of locomotion in protozoa, sperm cells, etc. 2. Botany. a runner. 3. Also called clavola. Entomology. (in an antenna) the whiplike portion above the basal joints. 4. a whip or lash. /fləˈdʒɛləm/ […]

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