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Armande Hippolyte Louis
[ar-mahn ee-paw-leet lwee] /arˈmɑ̃ i pɔˈlit lwi/ (Show IPA), 1819–96, French physicist.
Historical Examples

The velocity of light was experimentally found, in 1862, by Fizeau and Foucault, each using an independent method.
History of Astronomy George Forbes

I shall endeavor to make the principle of Fizeau’s apparatus clear to you.
Popular scientific lectures Ernst Mach

You know Wheatstone’s rotating mirror, Fizeau’s wheel, Plateau’s perforated rotating disks, etc.
Popular scientific lectures Ernst Mach

In 1845 Foucault and Fizeau took a daguerreotype photograph of the sun.
History of Astronomy George Forbes

Fizeau’s method will then permit us to arrive at a close approximation.
Scientific American Supplement, No. 613, October 1, 1887 Various

A measurement of the kind referred to was executed in 1849 by Fizeau (born at Paris in 1819).
Popular scientific lectures Ernst Mach

Wheatstone’s device of the revolving mirror was afterwards employed by Foucault and Fizeau to measure the velocity of light.
Heroes of the Telegraph J. Munro

The only positive result ever supposed to be attained was in a very difficult polarisation observation by Fizeau in 1859.
The Ether of Space Oliver Lodge

Fizeau was unable to observe interference when the difference of path amounted to 50,000 wave lengths.
Scientific American Supplement, No. 633, February 18, 1888 Various

If we examine Fizeau’s apparatus closely, we shall recognise in it an old acquaintance: the arrangement of Galileo’s experiment.
Popular scientific lectures Ernst Mach


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