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[flag-ship] /ˈflægˌʃɪp/

a carrying the or the commander of a fleet, squadron, or the like, and displaying the officer’s .
the main vessel of a shipping company.
any of the best or largest ships or airplanes operated by a passenger line.
the best or most important one of a group or system:
This store is the flagship of our retail chain.
being or constituting a flagship.
a ship, esp in a fleet, aboard which the commander of the fleet is quartered
the most important ship belonging to a shipping company
a single item from a related group considered as the most important, often in establishing a public image: the nine o’clock news is the flagship of the BBC

1670s, ship bearing an admiral’s flag, from flag (n.) + ship (n.). Figurative use by 1933.


: and not one damn word in the nation’s flagship papers


The most imposing constituent; premier specimen: This car’s the flagship of the line (1955+)


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