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[fleyl] /fleɪl/

an instrument for threshing grain, consisting of a staff or handle to one end of which is attached a freely swinging stick or bar.
a similar instrument used as a weapon of war.
verb (used with or without object)
to beat or swing with or as if with a flail.
an implement used for threshing grain, consisting of a wooden handle with a free-swinging metal or wooden bar attached to it
a weapon so shaped used in the Middle Ages
(transitive) to beat or thrash with or as if with a flail
to move or be moved like a flail; thresh about: with arms flailing

“implement for threshing grain,” c.1100, perhaps from an unrecorded Old English *flegel, which probably represents West Germanic *flagil (cf. Middle Dutch and Low German vlegel, Old High German flegel, German flegel), a borrowing of Late Latin flagellum “winnowing tool, flail,” from Latin flagellum “whip” (see flagellum).

15c., from flail (n.); originally “to scourge;” sense of “to move like a flail” is from 1874. Related: Flailed; flailing.

flail (flāl)
v. flailed, flail·ing, flails


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