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Flame cutting

(engineering) a method of cutting ferrous metals in which the metal is heated by a torch to about 800°C and is oxidized by a stream of oxygen from the torch


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  • Flamefish

    [fleym-fish] /ˈfleɪmˌfɪʃ/ noun, plural flamefishes (especially collectively) flamefish. 1. a cardinalfish, Apogon maculatus, of Atlantic coastal waters from Florida to Brazil.

  • Flame gun

    noun 1. a type of flame-thrower for destroying garden weeds

  • Flame hardening

    noun 1. (engineering) the surface hardening of ferrous metals by heating the metal with an oxyacetylene flame followed by rapid cooling

  • Flame lamp

    noun 1. (electrical engineering) a filament lamp in which the bulb resembles the shape of a flame

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