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  • Flamming

    [flam] /flæm/ Informal. noun 1. a deception or trick. 2. a falsehood; lie. verb (used with or without object), flammed, flamming. 3. to deceive; delude; cheat. /flæm/ noun 1. a falsehood, deception, or sham 2. nonsense; drivel verb flams, flamming, flammed 3. (transitive) to cheat or deceive /flæm/ noun 1. a drumbeat in which both […]

  • Flamsteed

    [flam-steed] /ˈflæm stid/ noun 1. John, 1646–1719, English astronomer. /ˈflæmˌstiːd/ noun 1. John. 1646–1719, English astronomer: the first Astronomer Royal and first director of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich (1675). He increased the accuracy of existing stellar catalogues, greatly aiding navigation

  • Flamy

    [fley-mee] /ˈfleɪ mi/ adjective, flamier, flamiest. 1. of or like .

  • Flan

    [flan, flahn; for 1 also Spanish flahn; for 2 also French flahn] /flæn, flɑn; for 1 also Spanish flɑn; for 2 also French flɑ̃/ noun, plural flans [flanz, flahnz; for 2 alsoFrench flahn] /flænz, flɑnz; for 2 alsoFrench flɑ̃/ (Show IPA). Spanish, flanes [flah-nes] /ˈflɑ nɛs/ (Show IPA), for 1. 1. Spanish Cookery. a dessert […]

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