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Flash set

(civil engineering) undesirably rapid setting of cement in concrete


Read Also:

  • Flash smelting

    noun 1. a smelting process for sulphur-containing ores in which the dried and powdered ore, mixed with oxygen, is ignited on discharge from a nozzle, melts, and drops to the bottom of a settling chamber. Sulphur is released mainly in its solid form, thus reducing atmospheric pollution

  • Flash-spectrum

    noun, Astronomy. 1. the emission spectrum of the chromosphere of the sun, which dominates the solar spectrum in the seconds just before and after a total solar eclipse.

  • Flash-to-bang time

    noun the time from light being first observed until the sound of the nuclear detonation is heard

  • Flashtube

    [flash-toob, -tyoob] /ˈflæʃˌtub, -ˌtyub/ noun, Photography. 1. .

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