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[flash-ee] /ˈflæʃ i/

adjective, flashier, flashiest.
sparkling or brilliant, especially in a superficial way or for the moment:
a flashy performance.
ostentatiously or vulgarly smart; showy; gaudy:
flashy clothes.
adjective flashier, flashiest
brilliant and dazzling, esp for a short time or in a superficial way
cheap and ostentatious

“showy, cheaply attractive,” 1680s, from flash + -y (2). Earlier it meant “splashing” (1580s); “sparkling, giving off flashes” (c.1600). Related: Flashily; flashiness.


Related Terms

granny flat, in nothing flat

[carnival sense fr earlier meaning of flats, ”playing cards,” or fr earlier meaning ”dishonest dice”]


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