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[flask, flahsk] /flæsk, flɑsk/

a bottle, usually of glass, having a rounded body and a narrow neck, used especially in laboratory experimentation.
a flat metal or glass bottle for carrying in the pocket:
a flask of brandy.
an iron container for shipping mercury, holding a standard commercial unit of 76 pounds (34 kg).
Metallurgy. a container into which sand is rammed around a pattern to form a mold.
[flask, flahsk] /flæsk, flɑsk/
noun, Ordnance.
the armored plates making up the sides of a gun-carriage trail.
Obsolete. the bed of a gun carriage.
a bottle with a narrow neck, esp used in a laboratory or for wine, oil, etc
Also called hip flask. a small flattened container of glass or metal designed to be carried in a pocket, esp for liquor
See powder flask
a container packed with sand to form a mould in a foundry
See vacuum flask
(engineering) Also called cask, coffin. a container used for transporting irradiated nuclear fuel

mid-14c., from Medieval Latin flasco “container, bottle,” from Late Latin flasconem “bottle,” perhaps from a Germanic source (cf. Old English flasce, Old High German flaska, Middle Dutch flasce, German Flasche “bottle”), and if so, perhaps originally meaning “a bottle plaited round, case bottle” (cf. Old High German flechtan “to weave,” Old English fleohtan “to braid, plait”), from Proto-Germanic base *fleh- (see flax).

Another theory traces it to a metathesis of Latin vasculum. “The assumption that the word is of Teut. origin is chronologically legitimate, and presents no difficulty exc. the absence of any satisfactory etymology” [OED].
A rounded container with a long neck, used in laboratories.


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