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noun, Photography.
even front lighting of a subject, producing little contrast, no shadows, and no modeling.


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  • Flatline

    /ˈflætˌlaɪn/ verb (intransitive) (informal) 1. to die or be so near death that the display of one’s vital signs on medical monitoring equipment shows a flat line rather than peaks and troughs 2. to remain at a continuous low level verb to die See flatline Word Origin from the flat line displayed on a heart […]

  • Flatlined

    adjective Drunk; plastered, shit-faced: I’ve had so many reebs I’m flatlined (1990s+)

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  • Flatling

    [flat-ling] /ˈflæt lɪŋ/ adverb, Also, flatlings, British Dialect. 1. in a position; with the side, as of a sword. 2. flatly or positively. adjective 3. Obsolete. dealt with the side. /ˈflætlɪŋ/ adverb 1. in a flat or prostrate position adjective, adverb 2. with the flat side, as of a sword Also (for adv) flatlings

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