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Flat spin

an aircraft spin in which the longitudinal axis is more nearly horizontal than vertical
(informal) a state of confusion; dither


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  • Flat spot

    noun 1. (engineering) a region of poor acceleration over a narrow range of throttle openings, caused by a weak mixture in the carburettor 2. any narrow region of poor performance in a mechanical device

  • Flatstick

    /ˈflætˌstik/ adverb (South African, slang) 1. with great speed or effort

  • Flat tax

    A single tax rate that applies to everyone obligated to pay the tax. Sales taxes are flat taxes. There have been proposals to substitute a flat tax on income for the current graduated tax, which taxes higher incomes at a higher rate. Proponents argue that the flat tax is fair and simple. Opponents view it […]

  • Flatten

    [flat-n] /ˈflæt n/ verb (used with object) 1. to make . 2. to knock down: The boxer flattened his opponent in the second round. verb (used without object) 3. to become . Verb phrases 4. flatten in, Nautical. 1 (def 61). 5. flatten out, Aeronautics. to fly into a horizontal position, as after a dive. […]

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