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having flatfeet.
taking or showing an uncompromising stand in a matter; firm and explicit:
a flatfooted denial.
clumsy or plodding; maladroit:
flatfooted writing.
catch one flatfooted, to catch one unprepared; surprise:
The amount of the bill caught us flatfooted.
Historical Examples

So my dignity was shocked when I had to come down from my self-promoted position to a flatfooted infantryman again.
The Southern Soldier Boy James Carson Elliott

She looked up, puzzled, first at the comely, flatfooted Indian woman and afterward at the handsome little brown-faced papoose.
The Yukon Trail William MacLeod Raine

At each encore the Utes stamped their flatfooted way round the room in a kind of impromptu and mirthful dance.
The Fighting Edge William MacLeod Raine

“Winn, I won’t do it,” said Brayton, with flatfooted decision.
A Trooper Galahad Charles King


Unprepared; surprised •Usu in the phrase catch someone flatfooted: He just stood there flatfooted and watched it roll in (1912+ Baseball)


Straightforwardly; without ceremony: If they were going to turn it down, they would have just flatfooted done it (1828+)


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