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[flee-bahyt] /ˈfliˌbaɪt/

the bite of a flea.
the red spot caused by the bite of a flea.
any petty annoyance or irritation, as a trifling wound.
the bite of a flea
a slight or trifling annoyance or discomfort


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  • Flea-bitten

    [flee-bit-n] /ˈfliˌbɪt n/ adjective 1. bitten by a flea or fleas. 2. infested with fleas. 3. shabby; dilapidated; wretched. 4. (of a horse) having a light-colored coat with small, dark spots or streaks. adjective 1. bitten by or infested with fleas 2. (informal) shabby or decrepit; mean 3. (of the coat of a horse) having […]

  • Flea circus

    noun a novelty show of performing fleas

  • Flea-collar

    noun 1. a dog or cat collar impregnated with a chemical for repelling or killing fleas.

  • Flea-flicker

    [flee-flik-er] /ˈfliˌflɪk ər/ noun, Football. 1. a deceptive offensive play in which the ball is passed or transferred laterally before or after a forward pass. noun A play combining a lateral pass and a forward pass: You won’t get the flea-flickers and special-teams gambles from Holmgren (1920s+ Football)

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