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[flek] /flɛk/

a speck; a small bit:
a fleck of dirt.
a spot or small patch of color, light, etc.:
the dapple mare with flecks of gray.
a spot or mark on the skin, as a freckle.
verb (used with object)
to mark with a fleck or flecks; spot; dapple.
a small marking or streak; speckle
a small particle; speck: a fleck of dust
(transitive) Also flecker. to mark or cover with flecks; speckle

late 14c., probably from Old Norse flekka “to spot,” from Proto-Germanic *flekk- (cf. Middle Dutch vlecke, Old High German flec, German Fleck), from PIE *pleik- “to tear” (see flay). Related: Flecked; flecking.

1590s, from fleck (v.) or else from Middle Dutch vlecke or Old Norse flekkr.


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