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[flee] /fli/

verb (used without object), fled, fleeing.
to run away, as from danger or pursuers; take .
to move swiftly; ; speed.
verb (used with object), fled, fleeing.
to run away from (a place, person, etc.).
verb flees, fleeing, fled
to run away from (a place, danger, etc); fly: to flee the country
(intransitive) to run or move quickly; rush; speed: she fled to the door
a Scot word for fly1
a Scot word for fly2

Old English fleon “take flight, fly from, avoid, escape” (contracted class II strong verb; past tense fleah, past participle flogen), from Proto-Germanic *thleukhanan (cf. Old High German fliohan, Old Norse flöja, Old Frisian flia, Dutch vlieden, German fliehen, Gothic þliuhan “to flee”), of unknown origin. Not found outside Germanic.

Weak past tense and past participle fled emerged Middle English, under influence of Scandinavian. Old English had a transitive form, geflieman “put to flight,” which came in handy in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Related: Fleeing.


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