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/ˈfleɪʃɪk; ˈflaɪ-/
(Judaism) (of food) containing or derived from meat or meat products and therefore to be prepared and eaten separately from dairy foods Also meaty Compare milchik See also kashruth


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  • Fleishig

    [fley-shig, -shik] /ˈfleɪ ʃɪg, -ʃɪk/ adjective, Judaism. 1. (in the dietary laws) consisting of, made from, or used only for meat or meat products: a fleishig set of dishes; a fleishig meal.

  • Flichter

    [flikh-tuh r] /ˈflɪx tər/ verb (used without object), Scot. 1. (of birds) to fly feebly; flutter. 2. to tremble; quiver.

  • Flickertail

    [flik-er-teyl] /ˈflɪk ərˌteɪl/ noun 1. .

  • Flickertail-state

    noun 1. North Dakota (used as a nickname).

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