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[flem-ish] /ˈflɛm ɪʃ/

of or relating to Flanders, its people, or their language.
pertaining to or designating the style of art, especially painting, as developed principally in Flanders and northern France during the 15th century, chiefly characterized by sharply delineated forms, naturalistic proportions, clear, usually cool colors, and the use of perspective.
the people of Flanders collectively; the Flemings.
the Dutch language as spoken in northern Belgium: one of the official languages of Belgium.
Abbreviation: Flem., Flem.
one of the two official languages of Belgium, almost identical in form with Dutch
(functioning as pl) the Flemish, the Flemings collectively
of, relating to, or characteristic of Flanders, the Flemings, or their language

early 14c., flemmysshe, probably from Old Frisian Flemische, or from Fleming + -ish.


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