Abraham, 1866–1959, U.S. educator.
his brother Simon, 1863–1946, U.S. pathologist and bacteriologist.
Historical Examples

Miss Flexner, of the Louisville free public library, then spoke of an experience in placing books in a county jail.
Papers and proceedings of the thirty-fifth general meeting of the American Library Association, 1913 Various

Like disciplines, professions have unique characteristics, as defined by Flexner.
Nursing as Caring Anne Boykin

It is one of the most frequent and fatal of what Flexner described a decade ago as “terminal infections.”
Preventable Diseases Woods Hutchinson

Mr. Flexner is the medical-school inspector of the Carnegie Foundation.
Why We Punctuate William Livingston Klein

Large-hearted men like Dr. Flexner and his associates do not permit unnecessary pain to defenceless animals.
Random Reminiscences of Men and Events John D. Rockefeller

On the millstone was inscribed the indictment: Mr. Flexner is not the first man who has had the courage of his insensibilities.
The Unpopular Review, Number 19 Various

As a matter of fact, Mr. Flexner investigated the adequacy of their methods and means of teaching.
Why We Punctuate William Livingston Klein

Mr. Flexner is the medical school inspector of the Carnegie Foundation.
Why We Punctuate William Livingston Klein

Two years later, Flexner isolated the bacillus of infantile paralysis and Plotz that of typhus fever.
Invention Bradley A. Fiske

Yet the subsequent conversation disclosed that Dr. Flexner was unfamiliar with the Stiles hookworm work.
The Life and Letters of Walter H. Page, Volume I Burton J. Hendrick

Flexner Flex·ner (flěks’nər), Simon. 1863-1946.

American microbiologist who isolated the bacillus of dysentery (1900), developed a serum for cerebrospinal meningitis (1907), and led the team that identified the cause of poliomyelitis.

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