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[flek-shoo-uh s] /ˈflɛk ʃu əs/

full of bends or curves; sinuous.
full of bends or curves; winding
variable; unsteady


Read Also:

  • Flexura

    flexura flex·u·ra (flěk-sur’ə, -shur’ə) n. pl. flex·u·rae (flěk-sur’ē, -shur’ē) A bend; a flexure.

  • Flexural

    [flek-sher] /ˈflɛk ʃər/ noun 1. the act of or bending. 2. the state of being or bent. 3. the part bent; bend; fold. /ˈflɛkʃə/ noun 1. the act of flexing or the state of being flexed 2. a bend, turn, or fold flexure flex·ure (flěk’shər) n. flex’ur·al adj.

  • Flex-wing

    noun 1. (aeronautics) a collapsible fabric delta wing, as used with hang-gliders

  • Fley

    [fley] /fleɪ/ verb, fleyed, fleying. Chiefly Scot. 1. to frighten; terrify. /fleɪ/ verb (Scot & Northern English, dialect) 1. to be afraid or cause to be afraid 2. (transitive) to frighten away; scare

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