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the direction of airplane movements, especially takeoffs and landings, by messages from the ground.
the system by which this direction is done.
the office from which this direction is done.
the system by which the pilot of an airplane controls the movement of the airplane.


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  • Flight crew

    noun aircraft personnel responsible for its operation during flight Usage Note aeronautics

  • Flight-deck

    noun 1. Navy. the upper deck of an aircraft carrier, constructed and equipped for the landing andtakeoff of aircraft. 2. Aeronautics. (in certain aircraft) an elevated compartment containing the instruments and controls used by the pilot, copilot, and flight engineer to operate the aircraft. noun 1. the crew compartment in an airliner Compare cockpit (sense […]

  • Flighted

    [flahyt] /flaɪt/ noun 1. the act, manner, or power of flying. 2. the distance covered or the course taken by a flying object: a 500-mile flight; the flight of the ball. 3. a trip by an airplane, glider, etc. 4. a scheduled trip on an airline: a 5 o’clock flight. 5. a number of beings […]

  • Flight-engineer

    noun 1. a member of an aircraft crew responsible for the mechanical systems, fueling, and servicing of the craft. noun 1. the member of an aircraft crew who is responsible for the operation of the aircraft’s systems, including the engines, during flight

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