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an electronic device aboard an aircraft that automatically records some aspects of the aircraft’s performance in flight.
an electronic device fitted to an aircraft for storing information concerning its performance in flight. It is often used to determine the cause of a crash Also called black box


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  • Flight sergeant

    noun 1. a noncommissioned officer in the Royal Air Force junior in rank to a master aircrew

  • Flight-shooting

    noun, Archery. 1. competitive shooting for distance only.

  • Flight-simulator

    noun 1. a device used in pilot and crew training that provides a cockpit environment and sensations of flight under actual conditions. noun 1. a ground-training device that reproduces exactly the conditions experienced on the flight deck of an aircraft Compare Link trainer

  • Flight-strip

    noun 1. Aeronautics. 2. a series of continuous aerial reconnaissance photographs. noun 1. a strip of cleared land used as an emergency runway for aircraft 2. another name for runway (sense 1) 3. a strip of continuous aerial photographs

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