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also flimflam, 1530s, a contemptuous echoic construction, perhaps connected to some unrecorded dialectal word from Scandinavian (cf. Old Norse flim “a lampoon”). From 1650s as a verb.


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  • Flimflammery

    [flim-flam] /ˈflɪmˌflæm/ Informal. noun 1. a trick or deception, especially a swindle or confidence game involving skillful persuasion or clever manipulation of the victim. 2. a piece of nonsense; twaddle; bosh. verb (used with object), flimflammed, flimflamming. 3. to trick, deceive, swindle, or cheat: A fortuneteller flimflammed her out of her savings. /ˈflɪmˌflæm/ noun 1. […]

  • Flimsy

    [flim-zee] /ˈflɪm zi/ adjective, flimsier, flimsiest. 1. without material strength or solidity: a flimsy fabric; a flimsy structure. 2. weak; inadequate; not effective or convincing: a flimsy excuse. noun, plural flimsies. 3. a thin kind of paper, especially for use in making several copies at a time of an article, telegraphic dispatch, or the like, […]

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    [flinch] /flɪntʃ/ verb (used without object) 1. to draw back or shrink, as from what is dangerous, difficult, or unpleasant. 2. to shrink under pain; wince. 3. Croquet. to let the foot slip from the ball in the act of croqueting. verb (used with object) 4. to draw back or withdraw from. noun 5. an […]

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    [flin-derz] /ˈflɪn dərz/ plural noun 1. splinters; small pieces or fragments. [flin-derz] /ˈflɪn dərz/ noun 1. Matthew, 1774–1814, English navigator and explorer: surveyed coast of Australia. 2. a river in NE Australia, flowing NW to the Gulf of Carpentaria. 520 miles (837 km) long. /ˈflɪndəz/ plural noun 1. (rare) small fragments or splinters (esp in […]

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