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[flip-boo k] /ˈflɪpˌbʊk/

a small book consisting of a series of images in different positions that create the illusion of flowing movement when the thumb is placed so the pages flip quickly.


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  • Flip-chart

    noun 1. a set of sheets, as of cardboard or paper, hinged at the top so that they can be flipped over to show information or illustrations in sequence. noun 1. a pad, containing large sheets of paper that can be easily turned over, mounted on a stand and used to present reports, data, etc

  • Flip chip

    noun an electronic computer chip whose connections on one side are made simultaneously and automatically by placing the chip upside-down on the matching substrate and applying heat or pressure Word Origin 1966

  • Flip chip pin grid array

    hardware, processor (FC-PGA) The package of certain Intel Celeron and Pentium III processors. FC-PGA processors fit into Socket 370 motherboard sockets. The Flip Chip Pin Grid Array is similar to PPGA, except that the silicon core is facing up and the heat slug is exposed. FC-PGA packaging is used by Pentium III processors, and Celeron […]

  • Flip-flop

    [flip-flop] /ˈflɪpˌflɒp/ noun 1. Informal. a sudden or unexpected reversal, as of direction, belief, attitude, or policy. 2. a backward somersault. 3. Also called flip-flop circuit. Electronics. an electronic circuit having two stable conditions, each one corresponding to one of two alternative input signals. 4. any of several similar devices having two alternative states, the […]

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