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Floating point underflow



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  • Floating-point unit

    hardware (FPU) A floating-point accelerator, usually in a single integrated circuit, possible on the same IC as the central processing unit. (1994-10-27)

  • Floating-policy

    noun 1. (in marine insurance) a policy that provides protection of a broad nature for shipments of merchandise and that is valid continuously until canceled. 2. (def 7). noun 1. (in marine insurance) a policy covering loss of or damage to specified goods irrespective of the ship in which they are consigned 2. another term […]

  • Floating-rate note

    noun 1. a eurobond, often issued as a negotiable bearer bond, that has a floating rate of interest

  • Floating-rib

    noun, Anatomy. 1. one member of the two lowest pairs of ribs, which are attached neither to the sternum nor to the cartilages of other ribs. noun 1. any rib of the lower two pairs of ribs in man, which are not attached to the breastbone floating rib n. Any of the two lowest pairs […]

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