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[flok-yuh-leyt] /ˈflɒk yəˌleɪt/

verb (used with object), flocculated, flocculating.
to form into masses.
verb (used without object), flocculated, flocculating.
to form masses, as a cloud or a chemical precipitate; form aggregated or compound masses of particles.
to form or be formed into an aggregated flocculent mass

1877, from flocculus (1799, from Modern Latin diminutive of Latin floccus “flock of wool”) + -ate. Related: Flocculated; flocculating.


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  • Floccule

    [flok-yool] /ˈflɒk yul/ noun 1. something resembling a small flock or tuft of wool. 2. a bit of matter, as in a liquid. /ˈflɒkjuːl/ noun 1. a small aggregate of flocculent material 2. something resembling a tuft of wool

  • Flocculent

    [flok-yuh-luh nt] /ˈflɒk yə lənt/ adjective 1. like a clump or tuft of wool. 2. covered with a soft, woolly substance. 3. consisting of or containing loose woolly masses. 4. . 5. Chemistry. consisting of flocs and . /ˈflɒkjʊlənt/ adjective 1. like wool; fleecy 2. (chem) aggregated in woolly cloudlike masses: a flocculent precipitate 3. […]

  • Flocculent-precipitate

    noun, Chemistry. 1. a woolly-looking precipitate, as aluminum hydroxide formed by the addition of ammonia to an aluminum-salt solution.

  • Flocculus

    [flok-yuh-luh s] /ˈflɒk yə ləs/ noun, plural flocculi [flok-yuh-lahy] /ˈflɒk yəˌlaɪ/ (Show IPA) 1. . 2. Astronomy. one of the bright or dark patches on the sun’s surface, visible in a spectroheliogram. /ˈflɒkjʊləs/ noun (pl) -li (-ˌlaɪ) 1. a marking on the sun’s surface or in its atmosphere, as seen on a spectroheliogram. It consists […]

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