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[flog, flawg] /flɒg, flɔg/

verb (used with object), flogged, flogging.
to beat with a whip, stick, etc., especially as punishment; whip; scourge.

verb flogs, flogging, flogged
(transitive) to beat harshly, esp with a whip, strap, etc
(transitive) (Brit, slang) to sell
(intransitive) (of a sail) to flap noisily in the wind
(intransitive) to make progress by painful work
(NZ) to steal
(mainly Brit) flog a dead horse

flog to death, to persuade a person so persistently of the value of (an idea or venture) that he or she loses interest in it

1670s, slang, perhaps a schoolboy shortening of Latin flagellare “flagellate.” Related: Flogged; flogging.


To offer for sale; peddle, esp in the sense of public hawking: I went to the convention to flog a new book/ Motel and bus companies flog special charter rates

[British 1919+ fr armed forces; fr British slang flog the clock, ”move the clockhands forward in order to deceive,” applied later to the illicit selling of military stores]
see: beat a dead horse


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