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[flawr-man-ij, flohr-] /ˈflɔrˌmæn ɪdʒ, ˈfloʊr-/

verb (used with object), floor-managed, floor-managing.
to act as or in the manner of a floor manager.


Read Also:

  • Floor-manager

    noun 1. a person assigned to direct the proceedings on the floor of an assembly, as at a political convention. 2. the stage manager of a television program. noun 1. the stage manager employed in the production of a television programme 2. a person in overall charge of one floor of a large shop or […]

  • Floor-model

    noun 1. a radio, television set, or other furnishing or appliance intended to stand on the floor rather than on a table; console.

  • Floor-pan

    noun 1. a solid bottom, found in some types of automobiles, that adds rigidity to the structure and serves as the base for the seats.

  • Floor-planning

    noun 1. a system of financing that permits a dealer to borrow money to buy goods, which become the security for the loan that is repaid when the merchandise is sold.

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