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[flawr-uh l, flohr-] /ˈflɔr əl, ˈfloʊr-/

pertaining to or consisting of :
floral decoration.
of or relating to or a .
something, as a fabric, garment, wallpaper, or household item, having a floral pattern:
Let’s replace these drapes with florals.
decorated with or consisting of flowers or patterns of flowers
of, relating to, or associated with flowers: floral leaves

1640s, “pertaining to Flora,” from French floral (16c.), from Latin floralis “of flowers” (see flora). Meaning “pertaining to flowers” is from 1753.


Read Also:

  • Floral-emblem

    noun 1. a flower or plant serving as the emblem of a city, state, nation, etc.

  • Floral-envelope

    noun, Botany. 1. the calyx and corolla of a flower. noun 1. the part of a flower that surrounds the stamens and pistil: the calyx and corolla (considered together) or the perianth floral envelope (flôr’əl) See perianth.

  • Floral-park

    noun 1. a city on W Long Island, in SE New York.

  • Floral-leaf

    noun, Botany. 1. one of the modified leaves forming the perianth of a flower, as a sepal or petal.

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