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verb (intransitive) (pl) floreant
may (a person, institution, etc) flourish: floreat Oxonia!


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  • Floreated

    /ˈflɔːrɪˌeɪtɪd/ adjective 1. a variant spelling of floriated

  • Florence-fennel

    noun 1. a variety of fennel, Foeniculum vulgare azoricum, having enlarged leaf bases, which are blanched and used especially as an ingredient in salads. noun 1. another name for finocchio

  • Florence-flask

    noun 1. a round bottle having a flat bottom and long neck, for use in laboratories. noun 1. a round flat-bottomed glass flask with a long neck, used in chemical experiments

  • Florence nightingale

    [nahyt-n-geyl, nahy-ting-] /ˈnaɪt nˌgeɪl, ˈnaɪ tɪŋ-/ noun 1. Florence (“the Lady with the Lamp”) 1820–1910, English nurse: reformer of hospital conditions and procedures; reorganizer of nurse’s training programs. /ˈnaɪtɪŋˌɡeɪl/ noun 1. a brownish European songbird, Luscinia megarhynchos, with a broad reddish-brown tail: well known for its musical song, usually heard at night 2. any of […]

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