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[flawr-ee-uh-nop-uh-lis, flohr-; Portuguese flaw-ryuh-naw-poo-lees] /ˌflɔr i əˈnɒp ə lɪs, ˌfloʊr-; Portuguese ˌflɔ ryəˈnɔ pʊˌlis/

a seaport in and the capital of Santa Catarina state, on an island off the S coast of Brazil.
[san-tuh kat-uh-ree-nuh; Portuguese sahn-tuh kah-tuh-ree-nuh] /ˈsæn tə ˌkæt əˈri nə; Portuguese ˈsɑ̃ tə ˌkɑ təˈri nə/
a state in S Brazil. 36,856 sq. mi. (95,455 sq. km).
Capital: Florianópolis.
/Portuguese floriəˈnɔpulis/
a port in S Brazil, capital of Santa Catarina state, on the W coast of Santa Catarina Island. Pop: 884 000 (2005 est)
/Portuguese ˈsantə kətəˈrinə/
a state of S Brazil, on the Atlantic: consists chiefly of the Great Escarpment. Capital: Florianópolis. Pop: 5 527 707 (2002). Area: 95 985 sq km (37 060 sq miles)


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