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[flawr-id, flor-] /ˈflɔr ɪd, ˈflɒr-/

reddish; ruddy; rosy:
a florid complexion.
flowery; excessively ornate; showy:
florid writing.
Obsolete. abounding in or consisting of flowers.
having a red or flushed complexion
excessively ornate; flowery: florid architecture
an archaic word for flowery

1640s, “strikingly beautiful,” from French floride “flourishing,” from Latin floridus “flowery, in bloom,” from flos “flower” (see flora). Sense of “ruddy” is first recorded 1640s. Meaning “profusely adorned, as with flowers,” is from 1650s. Related: Floridly.

florid flor·id (flôr’ĭd)
Of a bright red or ruddy color. Used of certain skin lesions.
flo·rid’i·ty (flə-rĭd’ĭ-tē, flô-) or flor’id·ness n.


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