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Flotation bags

plural noun
bags inflated to keep a spacecraft or helicopter afloat and upright when it lands in the sea


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  • Flotation method

    flotation method n. Any of several procedures for concentrating helminth eggs, when the eggs are difficult to find in direct examination, by use of a liquid of sufficiently high specific gravity.

  • Flotation tank

    noun 1. an enclosed ventilated tank filled with a saline solution at body temperature, in which a person floats in darkness in order to relax or meditate noun a tank of salt water in which a person can float for deep relaxation

  • Flote grass

    /fləʊt/ noun 1. an aquatic perennial grass, Glyceria fluitans, whose metre-long stems and pale green leaves are often seen floating in still or sluggish water. The related sweet grass (G. plicata) has broader, darker leaves and owes its name to the fact that cattle like to eat it

  • Flotel

    /fləʊˈtɛl/ noun 1. (in the oil industry) an oil rig or boat used as accommodation for workers in off-shore oil fields

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