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[flou-er-er] /ˈflaʊ ər ər/

a plant that at a specific time or in a certain manner.
a plant that flowers at a specified time or in a specified way: a late flowerer


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  • Floweret

    [flou-er-it] /ˈflaʊ ər ɪt/ noun 1. a small flower; floret. /ˈflaʊərɪt/ noun 1. another name for floret

  • Flower-fly

    noun 1. .

  • Flower-head

    noun, Botany. 1. an inflorescence consisting of a dense cluster of small, stalkless flowers; capitulum. noun 1. an inflorescence in which stalkless florets are crowded together at the tip of the stem flower head

  • Flowering

    [flou-er-ing] /ˈflaʊ ər ɪŋ/ adjective 1. bearing . [flou-er] /ˈflaʊ ər/ noun 1. the blossom of a plant. 2. Botany. 3. a plant, considered with reference to its blossom or cultivated for its floral beauty. 4. state of efflorescence or bloom: Peonies were in flower. 5. an ornament representing a flower. 6. Also called fleuron, […]

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