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[flou-er-lis] /ˈflaʊ ər lɪs/

having or producing no .
Botany. having no true seeds; cryptogamic.
designating any plant that does not produce seeds See cryptogam


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  • Flowerlet

    [flou-er-lit] /ˈflaʊ ər lɪt/ noun 1. a small ; floret.

  • Flowerlike

    [flou-er-lahyk] /ˈflaʊ ərˌlaɪk/ adjective 1. resembling or in the shape of a ; delicate; graceful.

  • Flower-of-an-hour

    noun 1. a malvaceous Old World herbaceous plant, Hibiscus trionum, having pale yellow flowers with a bladder-like calyx Also called bladder ketmia

  • Flower-of-Jove

    [flou-er-uh v-johv] /ˈflaʊ ər əvˈdʒoʊv/ noun, plural flowers-of-Jove. 1. a white, woolly plant, Lychnis flos-jovis, of the pink family, having red or purple flowers in dense clusters.

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