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[fluhb-duhb] /ˈflʌbˌdʌb/

pretentious nonsense or show; airs.



: I flubdubbed the stage entrance

[1920s+; first sense found by 1888 in the sense ”foolishness, bunk, hot air”]


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  • Flubs

    [fluhb] /flʌb/ verb (used with or without object), flubbed, flubbing. 1. to perform poorly; blunder; bungle: He flubbed the last shot and lost the match. noun 2. a blunder. /flʌb/ noun 1. an embarrassing mistake or blunder verb flubs, flubbing, flubbed 2. (intransitive) to blunder or make an embarrassing mistake v. 1924, American English, perhaps […]

  • Flub the dub

    verb phrase

  • Flub-up


  • Fluctuant

    [fluhk-choo-uh nt] /ˈflʌk tʃu ənt/ adjective 1. fluctuating; varying; unstable. 2. undulating; moving or seeming to move in waves. /ˈflʌktjʊənt/ adjective 1. inclined to vary or fluctuate; unstable adj. 1550s, from Latin fluctuantem (nominative fluctuans), present participle of fluctuare “to move in waves” (see fluctuation).

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