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A frivolous or stupid young woman; ditz: To judge masculinity you need a woman, and not some little fluffhead either (1970s+)


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  • Fluffiness

    [fluhf-ee] /ˈflʌf i/ adjective, fluffier, fluffiest. 1. of, resembling, or covered with . 2. light or airy: a fluffy cake. 3. having little or no intellectual weight; superficial or frivolous: fluffy thinking. /ˈflʌfɪ/ adjective fluffier, fluffiest 1. of, resembling, or covered with fluff 2. soft and light: fluffy hair 3. adj. 1825, from fluff + […]

  • Fluffing

    [fluhf] /flʌf/ noun 1. light, downy particles, as of cotton. 2. a soft, light, downy mass: a fluff of summer clouds. 3. something of no consequence: The book is pure fluff, but fun to read. 4. an error or blunder, especially an actor’s memory lapse in the delivery of lines. verb (used with object) 5. […]

  • Fluff-off

    noun A sluggard; shirker; goldbrick, goof-off (WWII armed forces)

  • Fluff someone off

    verb phrase To snub or cut someone; reject someone haughtily: He thought he was pretty good, so he fluffed us all off (1940s+)

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