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[floo-id] /ˈflu ɪd/

a substance, as a liquid or gas, that is capable of flowing and that changes its shape at a steady rate when acted upon by a force tending to change its shape.
pertaining to a substance that easily changes its shape; capable of flowing.
consisting of or pertaining to fluids.
changing readily; shifting; not fixed, stable, or rigid:
fluid movements.
convertible into cash:
fluid assets.
a substance, such as a liquid or gas, that can flow, has no fixed shape, and offers little resistance to an external stress
capable of flowing and easily changing shape
of, concerned with, or using a fluid or fluids
constantly changing or apt to change
smooth in shape or movement; flowing

early 15c., from Middle French fluide (14c.) and directly from Latin fluidus “fluid, flowing, moist,” from fluere “to flow” (see fluent). Figurative use from 1640s. Related: Fluidly.

1660s, from fluid (adj.).

fluid flu·id (flōō’ĭd)
An amorphous substance whose molecules move freely past one another; a liquid or gas. adj.
Of or characteristic of a fluid.
flu·id’i·ty (-ĭd’ĭ-tē) or flu’id·ness n.
A state of matter, such as liquid or gas, in which the component particles (generally molecules) can move past one another. Fluids flow easily and conform to the shape of their containers. See also state of matter, viscosity.

In physics, a substance that flows — usually a liquid or a gas.

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