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Fluorescence-activated cell sorter

[floo-res-uh ns ak-ti-vey-tid, flaw-, floh-] /flʊˈrɛs əns ˌæk tɪˌveɪ tɪd, flɔ-, floʊ-/



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  • Fluorescent

    [floo-res-uh nt, flaw-, floh-] /flʊˈrɛs ənt, flɔ-, floʊ-/ adjective 1. possessing the property of ; exhibiting . 2. strikingly bright, vivid, or glowing: plastic toys in fluorescent colors. noun 3. a lighting fixture that utilizes a . /ˌflʊəˈrɛsənt/ adjective 1. exhibiting or having the property of fluorescence adj. 1853, from fluor- + -escent (see fluorescence). […]

  • Fluorescent antibody technique

    fluorescent antibody technique n. Either of two techniques used to test for antigen with a fluorescent antibody: direct, in which immunoglobulin conjugated with a fluorescent dye is added to tissue and combines with a specific antigen; or indirect, in which unlabeled immunoglobulin is added to tissue and combines with a specific antigen, after which the […]

  • Fluorescent-lamp

    noun 1. a tubular electric discharge lamp in which light is produced by the fluorescence of phosphors coating the inside of the tube. noun 1. a type of lamp in which an electrical gas discharge is maintained in a tube with a thin layer of phosphor on its inside surface. The gas, which is often […]

  • Fluorescent microscope

    fluorescent microscope n. A microscope fitted with a source of ultraviolet radiation to aid in the detection and examination of fluorescent specimens.

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